About the Artist

Jennifer Hammond Landau

Jennifer’s drive as fiber artist is to create imagery with layers of texture and color. As an innovator within the art quilting genre, she uses wool and surface treatments in unique ways.

Jen loves the feel and smell of raw wool. Simply put, the curl and crimp of sheep locks simply must be played with. She is intrigued by wool’s unique properties as a material and what it allows to be expressed.

In tandem with art quilting, Jennifer is an avid production spinner, making miles of yarn each year. Her spinning not only creates what is needed for knit felt, but the fleece discarded in the process of preparing spinning-quality, gives her a huge stash for felting. For most quilt artists, purchased fabric is the starting place. For Jen, making felted fabric is the start, and she invests multiple steps in her art, from scouring and dyeing to spinning and knitting. In working with the fabric, Jen brings a deep background in graphic design and composition, built on self-taught skills in watercolor, illustration, and graphic facilitation.

Rue d’Oak? Having lived on Oak Street in San Francisco for over 35 years, and with a family steeped in things French, somehow this name emerged and stuck…including the cartoon of a leering oak tree.

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